Land Rover Defender Activations



At Automobili Europe Ltd, we utilize authentic Land Rover tools and systems as part of our activation process, enabling us to swiftly and securely unlock the concealed capabilities of your vehicle. Our software upgrades are designed specifically for Defender & Discovery 5 models from 2020 on wards, leveraging the existing hardware already integrated into your vehicle.

Importantly, these enhancements are implemented without the need for any physical alterations to your vehicle, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.
Unlock Your

Experience the full capability of your Defender with our expert software unlocking services.

Dynamic Mode

Opt for the dynamic driving program to synchronize the vehicle’s control systems for a heightened driving experience. With the Ambient Lighting feature installed in your Defender, activating Dynamic mode will transform the internal lighting hue to a vibrant red.

Additionally, unlocking the Dynamic driving mode unveils the Dynamic-I configurable options, empowering you to finely adjust the responsiveness of the throttle, steering, gear shift, and suspension systems to your liking.

Adaptive Cruise

Adaptive cruise control empowers drivers to establish a desired cruising speed for their vehicle. Whenever a slower-moving vehicle is identified in the same lane ahead, the system automatically decreases the vehicle’s speed.