Upgrading Your Audio System

If you haven’t yet enhanced the audio system in your car, take a moment to explore this information before proceeding.

Vehicle Coding

Unlock the full potential of your vehicle with our professional vehicle coding and activation services. At Automobili, we specialize in harnessing advanced technology to customize and optimize various features of your car.

Land Rover Defender Activations

The Land Rover Defender, known for its rugged design and off-road capabilities, has incorporated advanced technology features…

Apple CarPlay

Accessible in specific vehicle models, CarPlay represents a more intelligent and safer approach to utilizing your iPhone while driving.

Android Auto

Android Auto prioritizes safety in its design. Featuring a straightforward and intuitive interface, seamlessly integrated steering wheel controls, and advanced voice functionality…

Dash Cams

Upgrade your driving security with Automobili’s advanced dash cam enhancements.


Radio Upgrade

Transform your in-car entertainment with our radio upgrades at Automobili. Upgrade to the latest technology and enjoy a superior audio experience on the road.

Parking Sensors & Reverse Cameras

Enhance your current vehicle with factory-standard parking sensors or reverse cameras. Our installation services are available for any vehicle, and we also provide a comprehensive color coding service.

Vehicle Immobilisers

Enhance the security of your vehicle with Automobili’s installation of Ghost Immobilisers.


Rear Screen Entertainment

An excellent concept for extended car journeys with passengers of various ages, be it for personal or business purposes.


Securing your car is undeniably one of the most crucial measures you can take. Our range includes everything from basic alarms to Thatcham Cat 1 Insurance Approved Systems.

Sound Proofing

Often underestimated, sound deadening plays a vital role in any car audio installation. It absorbs much of the time, money, and effort invested in creating an exceptional in-car audio system.