You get to enjoy a super fast and hassle free delivery. With all the new technology and better digital quality radio stations, we stock, supply and install all the very latest OEM and aftermarket DAB Radio upgrades.

Voice Control by Saying ``Hey Siri...``

Vechicle assistant Siri, completely hands free, simply say “hey siri” to control navigation, make phone calls, reply to missed calls, Siri can help you do anything, just ask

Airplay & Android Mirror (wired)

No delays in synchronizing between the phone and car screens. All apps in the mobile phone can synchronize to the car screen, such as movies, listen to music and navigation.


Select you destination and plan your journey, supports multiple applications such as Google maps, Waze and more

Android Auto

Google hands free assistant, lets you stay connected while your driving. Your assistant can help you make calls from your contacts, chat using your favourite apps, read your messages out loud and reply back, helping you keep your hands on the wheel.

USB Flash Playing

Connect via USB Cable, supports Waze, Spotify/ Google Maps, Keep your phone charging at the same time

Supports Cameras

Support all aftermarket/Original Cameras, Support front/rear/360 Camera & Supports dynamic guidelines

Enter Carplay Auto

Enter Carplay and Play Music automatically when entering the car

Hands free phone calls

Capabilities of taking calls handsfree, all integrated

CE/FCC Certified

Apple Car Play is ful CE/FCC Certified


All the following vehicles